Sensory Options and Bathing Aids

Sensory Options Protec Baths

Hydrotherapy Air Jet Spa

The Air spa system creates soothing bubbles that help the user relax. It can also ease the pain from muscle and bone conditions. It can be installed on any of our baths. Many people choose this system along with the Chromotherapy Lighting.

Chromotherapy LED Lights

Chromotherapy is an ancient form of treatment which uses coloured lights to
improve the mood and restore well-being. Chromotherapy can help aid relaxation, reduce stress and promote restful sleep. The soothing colour changing light will provide a calming ambience for the user. This is a good option to consider for users suffering with dementia

Sensory Options Protec Baths
Sensory Options Protec Baths

Bluetooth Sound System

With the Bluetooth Sound System, you can connect your mobile or Bluetooth
player device to relax and soak to the sound of your favourite playlist! This system is available on all of our baths.

Sensory Options Protec Baths

Cradles and Supports

In-Bath and Over-Bath Cradles can be used with our Duporth Hi-Lo Only Bath to make bathing, washing and providing personal care easy when using a track
hoist system to get the user in and out of the bath.

There are many different types, and we can work with you to get the correct type
for the user’s need.

Head and side supports can be added to give further support to the user.

Over Bath Stretcher

To aid drying and changing users, the made to measure over-bath stretcher
can be used. This is a one piece item which is placed on the bath.

This is a good option when looking at a bath in a small space where there is no additional room for a changing table.

Bespoke options are available to suit specific needs.

Sensory Options Protec Baths

Detachable Seat and Transporter

The detachable seat option is ideal when room is tight in the bathroom for easy transfers. The simple-to-use transporter system enables the user to be wheeled straight from their room to the bath!

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