Bath Demonstrations...

Demonstrations Protec Baths

Why book a demonstration?

  • They are a great way to see our baths in action and realise the build quality and features of the range. They are also a good opportunity for you to communicate your needs to us so we can ensure we provide the best and most suitable solutions for you.

How do I book a demonstration?

  • Just get in touch with our team on 01726 438694 or email and we will be glad to arrange this for you!
    Do you charge for demonstrations?

Do you charge for demonstrations?

  • Our no obligation demonstrations are free to the client

How do you bring the baths to us?

  • We have a bespoke state of the art mobile showroom which is fully fitted out trailer with our demonstrations bath(s) in.

How long does a demonstration typically take?

  • Typically 45-60minutes, however it does depend on audience engagement. We’re happy to answer all questions you will have!

What happens if the bath you bring to the demonstration doesn't turn out to be suitable for us?

  • That’s no problem at all! We only want to do what is best for you and your clients so we will never try to sell you something we don’t truly believe to be the best solution.

How many people can attend the demonstration?

  • We typically have anywhere from 2-20 attendees at our demonstrations

Demonstrations Logistics...

As mentioned above, our showroom is in a large trailer, so we will need ample parking and turning space for it. The total length of the trailer plus towing vehicle is approx. 12 metres.

If access is a constraint where you are, please let us know and we can arrange to meet at a public venue nearby which has adequate parking space.

There is plenty of space inside the trailer so if the weather turns against us this isn’t a problem!

We look forward to seeing you!

Demonstrations Protec Baths

“I have worked in Healthcare for many years.

It was a pleasure to have a demonstration of a specialist bath by Harry from Protec recently.

The value of being able to see the exact bath in a purpose made fitted out vehicle was helpful as it gave us confidence as to the exact features and quality of the bath. It also allowed us to see what would be helpful to any potential clients.

Great to deal with a Company such as Protec who are giving such good customer service.
Well done!”


“My first impression of Protec was one of professionalism and great understanding in specialist care equipment.

The Protec team are always on hand to assist, not to mention the amazing. walk-in demo trailer they can bring along to show off what the baths can offer in the washroom environment. This demo facility is a great offering, allowing you to try before you buy’


“Protec’s showroom trailer is AWESOME.

What a fantastic way to bring their range of baths to your front door to show you how they work. Brilliantly designed interior which helps you to visualise how their baths fit into a home environment.

I very much recommend that you give Harry a call to arrange a demo. It’s well worth it.