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Customised Bath Technology to Aid the Care Sector


Protec Baths offers the best customised bath solutions for the care industry in the UK. Recognising the need to facilitate mobility, support independence, and aid caregivers, we offer a diverse range of technology that’s easy to use and aesthetically appealing. What’s more, all our products can be added using our Build-a-Bath configurator, allowing you to create a bathing setup that meets all your needs. 

Assistive technology improves an individual’s daily functioning. Our assistive bathing products go a step further to encourage relaxation and positive sensory stimulation. We’ll highlight them below. 

Auto Bath Fill Technology With Temperature Control


We can add a RADA Sense system to your bath, providing non-touch flow and temperature control. This includes programmable maximum, minimum, and default temperatures, duty flush, and thermal disinfection with data logging features.

This bathing aid for care patients helps keep water depth and temperature consistent and suited to ideal comfort. Plus, there’s the cost-saving factor: You save energy by eliminating the need to add more hot water to get your perfect temperature! 

Stylish Contactless Taps and Showerheads 


We appreciate the desire to keep a house or care home stylish and welcoming, which is why we once again suggest the RADA sense system. These attractive taps can be tweaked according to a preferred colour or design so that they fit in seamlessly with any interior decor.  A quick chat with our team will provide access to the best contactless technology in the care sector.

These touch free taps use modern infrared sensors that operate smoothly, taking the hassle and frustration out of running a bath or shower when there are other tasks to focus on. Let’s not forget the hygiene element, reducing the transfer of microbes in a vulnerable setting! 

Bluetooth for Baths


Bluetooth is an old technology that is implemented to create new, innovative solutions in care homes. Our approach for baths is to incorporate a Bluetooth sound system. This enhancing accessory allows you to connect your mobile or supported device to the tub so that you can listen to calming music, podcasts, or audiobooks while relaxing and soaking up an all-round sensory experience.

An interesting article we stumbled on by NHS explains the benefits of playing familiar music to induce comfort during an activity, such as bathing, that may be stressful for some. This is just one of our customisation features that can help improve your quality of care in your care home.

Customised Bath Technology to Aid the Care Sector Protec Baths

Why choose us…


At Protec Baths, we believe in tailored bath setups to meet individual needs throughout the UK. From sensory features and bathing aids to technology that enhances the bathing process, we can help you visualise and create a bathroom that caters to the specifications of your home or nursing facility. Reach out to us here, and we’ll gladly be in touch! 

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