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The Best Sensory Bath Solutions for the Care Industry


Protec Baths has been dedicated to the care sector in the UK for over 30 years. During this time, we have familiarised ourselves with the niche needs of care homes, including the importance of creating a nurturing, calming, and positive environment. This is why we feature a range of locally sought sensory bath solutions that seamlessly integrate with your assisted bath of choice. 

Our entire range of assisted baths is tailored for comfort. Each option has easy-to-use controls and features that take the stress out of bathing care patients. However, the overall experience can be enhanced with the following aids.

Hydrotherapy Air Jet Spa


The Air Jet Spa system creates soothing bubbles that encourage muscle relaxation while helping to reduce bone pain. This therapy has also proven to improve blood circulation and assist hydrotherapy, which uses water for relief and treatment.

Effortlessly create the perfect ambiance using gentle bubble sensations (blissfully works with Chromotherapy Lighting mentioned below).

Read here to see how you can further enhance hydrotherapy with our Dual Plug system. 

The Best Sensory Bath Solutions for the Care Industry Protec Baths

Chromotherapy LED Lights for Baths


Chromotherapy dates back to ancient times when Egyptians and Greeks used colourful minerals, crystals, stones, and dyes to create vivid and illuminating sanctuaries. Today, we use LED technology to create similar therapies for relaxation, restful sleep, and overall well-being. 

Our Chromotherapy LED light features a soothing colour-changing light that provides a calming ambiance for bathers. It is an especially good option for those suffering from dementia or mood disorders. Interestingly, Chromotherapy stimulates the endocrine system to naturally balance hormones, potentially alleviating symptoms of stress and depression, too!

Bluetooth Sound System


You can add our Bluetooth sound system to your installation to create a complete sensory environment. This modern sensory aid for assisted bathing is recognised for its Audiotherapy, where music or calming sounds are used to create a mindful atmosphere. Simply connect the speaker to your mobile or music player, and you can assist patients or loved ones without getting expensive devices wet. 

In our line of work, assisted bathing is more than having the right bath. It’s about creating a stress-free environment that aids healing and restoration. That’s why all of the above can be incorporated into your installation hassle-free.


For more information on the products or to hear some of our success stories with sensory bath solutions for the care industry in the UK, we invite you to contact us – we’re a team that cares! You’re also welcome to give us a call on 01726 438694.

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