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The Importance of Backflow Prevention

When you step into an assisted bath in a care home, you might notice a peculiar feature: the shower head attached to the Shepherd’s Crook. It’s not just an aesthetic choice; it serves a critical purpose. Let us explain why this seemingly simple bent metal tube is essential for maintaining water safety.

What Is Backflow Prevention?

Backflow prevention is all about keeping our water supply clean and safe. Imagine a network of pipes carrying water through your care home. Sometimes, due to fluctuations in pressure or other factors, water can flow backward instead of forward. When this happens, there’s a risk that contaminated water—from soil, storage tanks, or other sources—might flow back into the main water supply.

The Role of the Shepherd’s Crook

Backflow Prevention Device: The Shepherd’s Crook is essentially a backflow prevention device. Even if the shower head is accidentally dropped into the bathwater, the crook keeps it elevated and out of the water. This prevents any potential contamination from the bathwater flowing back into the clean water supply.

Safety First: Imagine a scenario where the shower head is left submerged in potentially dirty bathwater. Without the Shepherd’s Crook, backflow could occur, compromising the cleanliness of the entire water system. By keeping the shower head elevated, we ensure that the water remains safe for everyone in the care home.

Category 5 compliant

Our Shepherds Crook Shower system is Category 5 compliant as it provides a physical airgap between the shower head and the water in the bath. you can find out more on Category 5 here – Water Regs UK Limited – Plumbing in appliances

The Importance of Backflow Prevention Protec Baths

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