The Hollies Case Study

Product: Duporth Hi-Lo Bath with Power Traverse Seat
Location: Mid-Cornwall

The current bath at the care home was getting to the end of its life but had increasing need to be used within the home, particularly for a larger user that was very close to the maximum safe working load of the current bath.

The care home also wanted to move away from a detachable seat and go for a fixed seat to give the user more support and comfort whilst bathing.

We carefully removed the old bath, making sure the recently installed flooring wasn’t damaged.

Access constraints to the bathroom meant our highly qualified installers needed to deconstruct the new Duporth bath and reconstruct it in situ in the bathroom.  This was done very successfully and had no detriment at all to the result!

The bath looks stunning in the bathroom and the home where very impressed with the efficiency and speed of the removal and installation.

The result:  Happy Client, Happy Bathers!

The Hollies Case Study Protec Baths

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