Cradles and Supports

At Protec Baths, we recognize the importance of cradles and supports in assisted baths for those with mobility challenges. These products ensure safety and comfort for both users and caregivers.

We’ve partnered with a leading UK manufacturer to provide a wide range of advanced bath aids, including customizable accessories. We also offer tailored solutions to meet individual needs.

Visit our selection to find the right bathing aids for you. For custom equipment, contact us, and our team will craft a solution that meets your specifications.

  • We can assist even if you don’t have an assisted bath, with shower trolleys and more.
  • We can conduct on-site surveys and provide demos as needed.
  • Our range includes products for paediatric and bariatric users.

Our Range

Cradles & Supports Protec Baths

Over Bath Bathing Cradle

Our Over-Bath Bathing Cradle is expertly crafted to provide extra support for a luxurious bathing experience. Simply place the cradle in the bath and adjust it to your liking along the tub. The non-slip grip handles ensure stability by resting securely on the bath’s edge.

Equipped with a lap belt and tension adjustable straps, this cradle offers customisable comfort. The mesh cover features an antimicrobial coating, dries quickly, and can be easily removed for washing.

In Bath Bathing Cradle

The In-Bath Bathing Cradle has been meticulously crafted for use in the bath, ensuring that bathing, washing, and personal care are effortless tasks. The cradle is designed to be hoisted for seamless patient transfers into the bath, providing optimal support for patients in a reclined position to enhance their immersion in the water.

Crafted from durable stainless steel and finished with a high-quality polyester powder coating, the cradle guarantees longevity and reliability. The mesh fabric, featuring a polygiene antimicrobial coating, can be easily removed for cleaning. While we offer four standard sizes, we also cater to bespoke requirements – simply get in touch with us.

Additionally, the In-Bath Support is available separately as part of our comprehensive accessories range.

Cradles & Supports Protec Baths
Cradles & Supports Protec Baths

3 in 1 Bath and Shower Solution

Discover the 3-in-1 bathing solution, crafted to aid caregivers with showering, bathing, and toileting.

This multi-functional piece serves as both a shower chair and commode chair, with a detachable cradle for easy patient transfers into a bath. Designed to navigate through doorways effortlessly, its slim-line base transporter is equipped with waterproof electric controls for optimal positioning.

The removable mesh fabric is treated with a polygiene antimicrobial coating for hygiene. Constructed from robust stainless steel and finished with a sleek polyester powder coating, it’s available in four standard sizes, with custom options upon request. Your comfort and care are our priority.

Tilt In Space Shower Chair

Discover the Orchid Tilt-in-Space Shower Cradle, designed to enhance your showering experience with comfort and ease. Choose from an upright or reclined position with its adjustable tilt, and enjoy added support with optional accessories like footrests and supports.

Available in sizes for both adults and children, and with manual or electronic tilt options, this cradle fits perfectly over our commode facility for a seamless bathing routine.

Cradles & Supports Protec Baths
Cradles & Supports Protec Baths

Shower Cradle

Our Shower Cradle is ingeniously crafted to provide a reclined sitting position, perfect for use in a level access shower or compact spaces. It ensures a controlled and comfortable showering experience for both the user and caregiver.

The stainless steel frame boasts an anti-bacterial powder coated finish, while the mesh fabric is treated with an antimicrobial coating to prevent bacteria growth. Additionally, this cradle offers tension adjustable mesh for effortless cleaning or replacement, as well as enhanced comfort and pressure relief for the user.

Build your Own

Your Bespoke Support

With our expertise, we can explore bespoke options and requests.

We would be glad to arrange a survey or demostration to look at the bespoke solutions for your needs.

Cradles & Supports Protec Baths

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Cradles & Supports Protec Baths