Product: Duporth Hi-Lo Assisted Bath with Power Traverse Seat

Location: South West England

This care home group situated in the South West is actively enhancing their facilities to improve the living experience for their residents and to achieve higher occupancy rates across their homes.

A key element of this upgrade is the introduction of a new Duporth Assisted bath, which will enable a greater number of residents to indulge in the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing soak.

Prior to installation, several important considerations were addressed. we carried out a comprehensive site survey to assess the suitability of the proposed bathroom space. In collaboration with the on-site contractors, we meticulously planned the placement of necessary services to ensure seamless integration of the new bath.

During our evaluation, it became apparent that a standard bath would not suffice due to spatial constraints. Consequently, we opted for a custom-sized bath measuring 1600mm by 700mm, tailored to fit the designated area as per the client’s specifications.

Upon successful installation of the bath, we provided thorough training for the care home staff. This included instruction on the operation of the bath as well as sharing best practices to guarantee a safe and enjoyable bathing experience for the residents.

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We are committed to extending our support to the group as they continue to upgrade facilities across their other homes, ensuring the highest standards of comfort and care for all residents.

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