Field House Care Home

Product: Duporth Assisted Bath & Detachable Seat System

We had already fitted baths in two of the homes in this group. They were happy with our service and the quality of our assisted baths. So, they asked us to review the baths in the next home to investigate the best possible bathroom upgrade for this facility. 

During our discussion, the Duporth with the Detachable Seat was chosen to assist the care home staff in reducing the number of transfers for the users from the bedroom to the bath. 

Here’s our before and after:

Field House Protec Baths

After the enquiry, we visited the site and carried out a full site survey. This included a meeting with the maintenance teams to discuss the room layouts and how best to position the baths for optimal useability for the care staff, and how the projects would be carried out with little hassle and as fast as possible. 

Next, we provided installation drawings to ensure the home was happy with the new positions. 

The care home wanted us to remove and dispose of the old baths, which we gladly did. While the new baths were being manufactured, the Home arranged for new flooring and tiling to be installed to upgrade the look of the bathrooms completely.

Once the Bathroom works were completed, we then returned to fit the new baths. Once we fitted the new assisted baths, we completed a full commission and handover with the Care Staff and Maintenance team.

The images above show that the new bathroom is neat and elegantly complemented with the Duporth bath. The new layout we suggested also helped create more space in the bathroom, allowing caregivers and bath users more freedom of movement. Contemporary taps and bath panels completed the look.

As with all of our clients, we have made ourselves available to assist with continuous instruction on the operation of the bath and sharing best practices to guarantee a safe and enjoyable bathing experience for the users.

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